January 11, 1917 Thursday

My dear friend,

How are you? I sure would like to know what you would say to what I have done do you
think I done right or nat? If everything was counted it has cost the children about $1500.00
to get rid of me. And it will cost them $200.00 more if I can collect the $150.00 nate I
hope I can, If so will be doing very well. I think dont you? say could you pursuade C.L.
to nat take so much of what I am getting I cant ask him to nat far he has been faithful but
he is a man and can make more. I think $10.00 or $15.00 per day pretty good dont you? If
I had $50.00 more I could see my way out as it is I dont know far I must bank the
$1000.00 and will have to live this year out of little I stole, What a pitty I did nat steal more
I sure would like to talk to you but dont know when I can when we get to heaven I guess
did J.S. tell you why I had nat written you as sent it rather I wrote you about 12 pages and
aimed to call you but I guess you know the reason if nat I may tell you sometime. I will use
the phone am sure proud of it. You have been nice to me all the way and I wont ever
farget it. Hope and pray you wont ever do anything to make me lose confidence in you like
some has. You said if you knew one thing you would live a clean life because I know one
thing I try to live right. And that is I must meet all I do at the judgment cant you live right
far the same reason? You cant hope to accomplish your aim and do wrong so had you nat
better quit? Many thanks far all your favors will nat farget you.
Lovingly A____________

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