April 30, 1917 Monday Chamblee R#2

Kind friend,
I will try to write you but don”t know how nor what to say if I could see you ( which I
cant do again) then I would know what to say. surely, nobody has ever had as much
trouble because of one man as I have had over you. I guess you heard of the way May
treated me? What she has told you about us standing out talking those nights is a sight I
told you I was afraid and had better go in now im ruined. She is telling that im one of the
meanest women in the world says everyone is talking about me and that im not wanted in
any ones house and the way she is talking people will believe that I am mean. You, God,
and myself know whether I have done something that she says or not. Yes I am ruined in
the he eyes of some people but I am so glad I have to answer to god and not to people she
intimidated to me that you have been talking about me too. I don’t believe it, I believe all
you had done was to try to help me but by doing it people have misjudged your motive and
I am ruined. May called me a black b___ and stuck me in the breast than John gave her the
next lick. OH! It is a shame and disgrace she told Minnie a big mess and tried to turn her
against me she is doing all she can she is doing all she can to ruin me, because I have
money and don”t give it all to her. She said she hoped I would have to wash far a living.
She went to A.E. I told everything and lots more she says she will go swear against me at
court. What will I do? A.E. has a good a thing as he could ask far now. He told May I had
to give up every thing even to every yard of cloth. I saw Banister he says he will swear that
they left every thing there as mine. Shoemaker said the same so what must I do? Well C.L.
charge me an extra fee to help me in that? He told me he would see me through far the
percent now he has it what do you think he will do? It seems like everyone, or lots of them
has it in far me, I don”t know what nor how to do. I am nearly sick and getting as poor as a
snake and my head is getting white. When you saw me on the door steps May had told me
all that mess and gone home and left me with no where to spend the night and she said no
one wanted me in their homes so you can guess how I was feeling. I sat there till dark
almost, till Mark and John came on. I did not want to go over the but Jr. begged so hard I
went then the war commenced. It was awful. It seems so strange that I have to be treated
so bad when I have always tried so hard to live right. Have you still have confidence in me?
Or have you lost out too. What do you mean by saying if I would go on with A.E. it should
not cost me anything unless I just wanted it too? I don”t want to give up but I am afraid I
might lose than I would be ruined far sure enough in two ways. Please write me just how
you feel and always will as we must not see each other and it will be best not to write don”t
send a letter from your box I don”t think it best and don”t come this way no more than you
can help far if there is never more trouble it will kill me. Answer soon as I may go on.
the same friend A__

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