Friday A.m. no date

Hello how are you this is A.A. I hope I feel some better but dont look it. Took a ramble
yesterday P.M. went to the lake wish you could have been with us. Say I aimed to send this
letter wed. But I heard what was being told about us and would nat send it. I thought when
I got here nobody could talk but it is the same old thing. You know Jim Dooly is here and
he knows all A.E. has ever told the some I have never heard. I thought I would send this
and tell you how hard it will be far me to write you with out everyone finding it out.
You can write me and let hear from up there. Have you seen C.L.? See him if he has got
ina good humor. have you been to see May L. yet or the other one? Go if you want to. I
have found a dark skin man Cliff Sutton a negro dont you guess hes the one? Well be good
and do far me you can I will appreciate anything you do. wish I had an orange like the one
you gave me. Best wishes your true friend Abaline

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