January 21, 1917 Sunday

How are you? I am in a fix. I got roseola or something else. Am burning up nearly wish
you could come see me ( if you want to) or someone that would care if I die. I sure am
disappointed because I did nat get a letter last week. Are you mad at me? OH! why dont
you quit worrying I know I wish I would will you care when I am gone from here? Will
you miss me? I sure will when I cant hear you on the phone. I do believe you think I dont
appreciate anything you have done far me. If you do I guess there is no use in me telling
you any better far you wont believe me. I sure do wish I could see and talk to you but you
know the position we are in some think A.E. will charge me rent if I stay here. What do
you think about it, can he? I got to have a cow if I stay here. I have tried to buy butter and
milk and cant no one has it I cant bear to much meat will get sick far sure. What do you
advise? I dont know wether I could get feed if I had one. Dont see what I will do, have to
marry I guess dont you think? What does make me go to you with all my troubles? Sure I
wont. OH! how dark these days are I feel so lonely sometimes cant hardly bear it, and cant
see how I will ever be any better as long as I stay here as I am now. What do you advise
me to do nearly everyone tells me to leave as soon as I can. I dont know what to do unless
I had more money than I have . please Tell me what you think best far me to do. Read
these if you want to if nat burn them. Hope to see you sometime right if you care to.

Lovingly A____

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