January 14, 1917 Sunday

All alone in the world and I sit, read, study and wonder many things I cant understand. I
have been reading about heaven most of the day. I almost wish I was there where there is
peace and joy. I have peace and joy here to some extent but could have so much more if
things were different. I have been counting the things I will be compelled to have to live
unless I can collect that nate I simply cant get them without breaking that $1000.00 and
dont want to do that. You spoke as though you ought nat have given up. Now when you
see it it will cost you 2 dollars to save $1.00 hadnt you better give up? No I remember you
said you would never give up if it cost you everything you had you would carry your
point. One thing troubles me is what your point is in treating me as you do. Wont you
please tell me? You know what I told you and also what you said in regard to whiskey and
tobacco, I may be a puzzle to you and you are to me. Say do you believe I may collect that
nate I thought about getting you to take the nate about a year ago if I had I would have
been alright now.I just came from the phone you are at home I hope you are nat as lonely
as I am if we could see each other and talk everything over I would be glad. Cant though
far people lying about it. You sure have been nice to me it hurts me because I cant be at
liberty to show you I appreciate everything you have done far me. But I am your friend as
long as you show me respect when you reach the place where you dont respect me as a
pure woman please dont let me know it. I sure do hate to leave here wish I had money to
buy if so I would never leave. Be good and when you are sitting all alone reflecting on the
past remember that you have a friend that will farever last. May the lord bless and keep
you from sin and when you come to heavens gates may I be the angel to let you in.

A true friend BY BY

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