May 6, 1917 Sunday Night

I am glad you signed yourself "Best friend" you have been, and the truest and the, d___ you
know the rest I am sorry you will keep saying that I dont believe anything you say or write
as you know I believe everything as I sure would nat ask your advise and try to do
everything that you tell me too. Now please take that back. you said I said you ruined me. I
did write that one time, but nat lately. I am ruined and it is partially because of you far if I
had let you alone after Mr. B. died I would have been better off in some ways, But I
believe I had in you a true friend and I need one of that kind. I have been true to you, as
you to me and by doing so I have suffered a sight and will have to on. now you have
begged me all the time to stand trial, and said I would win you also told me C.L. would
collect those nates far the 10 percent now he did nat talk to me like he would and he dont
try to find out whether I can testify in the case if I cant there is no use to go to trial.
You said what could you do to help me. I dont know only you can help me bear the
burden if I lose as I am doing just as you told me to do. What have you to say to that? But
I need nat ask as to know and remember all you have ever told me. Do you remember all I
have told you? I am just as I have always been, your best friend. Do you advise me to go in
business far myself? Or go to Ala. as I intended? I am almost crazy and weigh about 106
pounds weighed 125 when my trouble started in Feb. If I dont get my mind off of trouble,
I am bound to leave this world of sorrow befare long. I send this to J.S. as I guess he will
see you soon. Is he the same? I believe he is. Lou said so many hard things about J.S.
waiting on folks far nathing, I give her $5.00 if you have paid J.S. He can make it right
with me. I did nat want her talking about me nat paying him. Did I do right and we can
see each other in heaven where people dont go who tell you lies. I still pray far you and
hope your life will one day be happy. Now and always the same true friend A______ ans.
soon please.

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