Tuesday, March 6, 2007 1:36 PM

In 1991 my Father-In- Law Douglas McTyre went to an Auction in Atlanta
And purchased a section of very old Depository boxes which were from a condemned bank.
Within these old Depository boxes were very old deeds, Banking papers, 
and the Following letters, which were retrieved from Mr. J.L. Norell's box. 
Though the boxes were of no value and were purchased for very 
little money. We were able to see how some individuals lived back in the
early 1900's. Some were papers where people would write to the bank asking
for money, and the money would be delivered to their residence.
Many years later I am still impressed over the letters that were within this box
and I have decided to put these on the web page for others to be amazed about.
Though some have turned up missing. I was able to find most of them. 

These letters are transcribed without correct spelling and or punctuation      
to let you have the feeling that you are actually reading them. I hope you enjoy
them as much as I have.


      Please be advised, We are not stating that if you purchase 
used safes, that there will be items in them. We were just lucky 
to have found what we did.
November 1,1916
 November 26,1916
December 3,1916
 December 15,1916
December 25,1916
January 11,1917
January 12,1917
January 14,1917
January 21,1917
January 29,1917
April 30, 1917
May 6,1917
Tuesday no date
Thursday no date
Friday no date
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