January 29, 1917 Monday

Dear friend,
I sure was glad to read your letter. I appreciate your advise but of all cranks we are the
biggest ones I ever saw. What did make us do what we did and that man with you and A.E.standing on his back porch watching you know he will find out what passed between us befare 2 weeks unless you get the fellow nat to tell, Who was he? Dont you know he knew who your letter was far. You said far me nat to right I wanted to see you or lose
confidence in me.According to that you have done lost far I have told you I wanted to see
you and will say it again. You dont seem to understand why I cant see you now as I have
my money it was nat on account that I cant see you. If A.E. had never said what he did I
could have been different with you if I let you come around others will say and believe just
what he does and it would make me just the same, as it has already and still I have been
true but you dont seem to appreciate my being true, you said you never went dead on a
friend neither have I. No I wont say yes to E. nest time you haven’t got any confidence in
me, I guess the reason is I have worried you too much as it is? Now if you can ever right
me again mail it or send it by J.S. dont stop here A.E. is watching. I rather lose all my
money than my character nat that I am glad to see you and you have always showed me
the greatest respect and I have the same far you but we just cant be together now. I am
sorry you have been real sick hope you are well now I am feeling fine in some ways but the
thing I want most is that, that the money cant buy. I will let you guess what it is I hoped
you would come to no 40’s the 26th I wanted to see you as you as you did nat come I
wont expect you next time. The time may come when I can feel free to see and talk with
you but nat now. You said far me to find a young man and marry and than you will let me
alone. Could you? You began when I was M_____can you quit now? If so I dought you
ever did as you have said. I hope you could, nat that I have anything like that in view far I
cant get out and find someone like you men can. I want every m_ far anything but anyone
had better be dead than tied to one that they done l__ isn’t that true? If you thought I
might change my mind why did you go on doing as you did you could have no hope and
do as you do. Why cant you leave off doing wrong and hope far the better. You know
that you wont ever do any good and drink, swear , smoke and go after more w___ and you
know the rest. Quit and you will get along better and you will have a better show with with
anyone you L_____ ( if you find one) I told you one time there was none dearest to me
than you I can repeat it and tell the truth but as long as you live as you do you can have no
hope with anyone that is pure please dont get mad at me far telling you this it is the truth.
nat that I think you such a bad man but you do these bad things and you know it and if
you wont quit them now you would nat be aloud to later on. If you had nat told me you
would answer every letter I would right I would nat expect an answer to this but you said
that and I know you will keep your word. When I go to leave here I will try to pay you all I
owe you I cant do that but I will do part any way that suits you? If nat I am ready anytime.
Please tell me everything you want to I have been plain and want you to be answer the
letters I gave you if you can, This is about A. to you I am ashamed and I know you are but
I had to tell you something and I could nat see you be good and dont farget one that is

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