Tuesday Night December Christmas

Dearest Friend,
How does that suit you? You said I did nat count you a friend any longer. As a friend I
dont want you any longer. I think you long enough dont you? HA!HA! This is X-mas you
know though Santa did nat come and I cant see why far I thought he came to see all good
girls and I have tried to be good but I guess he is like you, knows better. I sure would love
to know what you bought far me. But dont guess I will far you said I would nat get it
unless you could give it to me and you know as well as I do that we cant be together. There
is only one place we could at all and that is at no 40’s and you know who is over there to
watch the carvers I want to see and talk with you as bad as you do me or worse far you
could tell me lots I want to know. No I did nat think about C.L. as you thought I did,
others said that and I asked you if you believed it, You C.L. nor anybody else dont seem
to understand me, you all think that is mean about me ( I guess you do from the way you
do) dont you? You said it would take you sometime to do what you aimed to do. I dont
know what it is but will appreciate yours. Now what makes you talk that way when you
know I cant do anything. I cant see you at home and where else can I see you? You must
remember they you are nat a free man in the eyes of the law. And you ought nat want to
do anything to hurt yourself or me. I would be glad to see you and talk with you often but
you know how it is so cant you be patient? You said I would nat tell you what I wanted to
do. You told me to settle far $2,000.00 and I have said all the time that I would but they
have never offered me a penny. I will settle zero but I am nit going to leave here until I can
have somewhere to go. You say I get into many different moods, I am just like I have been
all the time. I have wanted to do settle if I can get anything to live on. Now if you will
fargive me I will tell you what I had rather have if I had my rathers. Its a good man with
plenty of money one that loves me and one that I could love and me have the deed to this
place and an auto to ride in. So I could pass up the hill everyday now can you bring it to
pass? HA!HA! I guess you think I am drunk but I am nat only building air castles to fall
down as all mine has done in the past. I wonder what you dreamed about me? nathing
good I guess. You said if I found a place where there is no trouble to write you. I am nat
expecting it in this world but if my life done become more happy I guess I will soon go to
a place I spoke of. And than people will understand me and nat blame me far everything
that is bad. I hope you have had a good time if staying at home and studying is a good
time I have had one. I believe you have been at home too. Good night

Good morning did you sleep good. I did nat, much I dreamed of you most all night. And
of having an apron full of money that is a sign I am out. Say do u recon C.L. expected me,
me to have to pay cost? You heard our talk didn’t you? You could dress up on a cap get
anather face and come with him when he comes dont you guess? HA! HA! You are saying
I know it has happened and I have been expecting it! She is crazy of coarse. Now I am
proud I wont have to do without a phone but supposed I dont need it will you take it back?
well the cow is dry and the wood pile too I recon I cant find much wood out there so you
see I need that man and money too well I will hush my foolishness. You may can read this
if you cant you ought to be glad. Now what will I do? I must quit mailing letters at my box
to you. You send in McGehees name and I will get it o.k. in care of me J.E. has moved,
J.S. has farsaken me and I cant see you and C.L. is to pussy to come I dont see anything to
do but find me somebody old, Do you? fargive me and answer soon.

Your true friend A__ by by

accept this book mark in token of my regards far you

thy work

Do well thy work;
It shall succeed,
In thine, or in anathers day;
and tho’ thun lack
the victor’s meed,
thou shall nat lack the toiler’s pay.

--- John G. Whittier

Love is that indescribable something that gets into a fellow’s system about the time his
mustache begins to come out. And it generally stays with him until after he married. It
makes him sick in a way that he likes, and instead of doctoring the germ, he does all he can
to give it a nice, fat living. Having never been a girl, We don’t know how they feel when in
love, but we imagine they feel just like big chunks of candy wanting some one to come eat
them up.

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