Sunday P.M. December 3, 1916

I aimed to send you your letter by C.H. but could nat trust him was afraid to. Do you think
its safe? I come very near burning it but wanted you to know I do appreciate all you have
done far me and everykind thought of me I am sorry things got in the fix they have. Please
write to or see J.S and see if you can explain to him and get him right with me. What do
you think of my trade with Barrett? I had to do something and you said “sit still” so thought
I would A.E. is hurting he Has been to D____ and dahlonega today. If I could see you I
would tell you of something that was done here away back that I just found out today. I
had a letter from okla Saturday they are planning far me to go out there wish I had the
money I might goo there and other places but wont ever have it. I don’t guess you can do
anything secretly in my trial to help me I sure will appreciate it. If I gain there will be
someone to bury. Oh! I do hope I will “gain” you said you was broke if W. was elected you
surely did nat mean it did you? is your home gone too I hope nat. Well I will risk this once
more. But I still remember and pray as ever. A___

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