December 15, 1916 Friday
You said I did nat know what I have wrote to you but I do

Dear Sir
yours of the 10th rec’d “received” and will say in reply-don’t know what to say far if I tell
you anything you wont believe it. If I ask you anything you wont answer me so what can I
say. I never thought that would have write me as you did after I have written you as I had
and you had told me what you did that Friday night. I have been deceived again you
never told me anything but I believed it. There is lots I want to tell you and lots I want to
ask you. But there is no use from your letter you have lost all confidence in me. You said I
would nat accept anything from you and me telling you I was counting on you to help me
and asked you to, I have had more confidence in you and J.S. than anyone and have tried
to do what you all said. I never crossed J.S. Only in one thing and I begged him to fargive
me and I thought he did. But he only fargot. It hurts me so bad because he farsaken me far
it I was told at the start that he was only doing as he qa to find out things so he could help
Brad. When I told him he swore if every one farsook me he would nat and would see me
through. If I had crossed him in this business here when I would have expected him to
exit., But I new what he asked me was unreasonable under every circumstance. One time
more I want to say I am as true a friend as a man every had and I have lost 3 or 4 good
ones to be true to you, And far you to right me as you did has caused me lots of heart ache
but that is the way I have always been treated. I can bear it a little while longer than I mean
to go where friends are true and where trouble is no more. Bud burtsed my trade with
Barrett. There is nathing far me but trouble. You spoke on the phone I aimed to do as you
said but E__ got mad and let anather have it. You blame me far a heap that I am nat to
blame far now if E__ don’t finish paying you far that phone I will when I can Oh! I wish I
can tell you and ask you what I want but there is no use and your feeling toward me as
you do. I thought you cared far me in a way that few did. Butt see I was mistaken but it is
alright. Again I thank you far past fareness and remain the same true friend.

Dear Mr. Norrell
I hope you are nat offended at me. I thought it best to get the phone through Mr.
McGehee because of Bud and Clarid. Do you want me to take the phone on the terms you
spoke of awhile back? If nat please state your terms. Mr. and Mrs. McGehee are “ our
friends” as true as can be. I hope you will have a good Xmas. But please keep sober far
your own sake if nat mine. A_____________

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