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Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary and live cam

Watch rescued Elephants live their remaining life in a happy and almost free environment.

Extraordinary site for rescued elephants that now move freely on hundreds of acres in Tennessee. This is a Non Profit Organization, You can make a donation if you want too. The stories are amazing, Be sure to read the story of Shirley and Jenny, as well as watch the video, and have a tissue ready. And read the Asia ele diary for updates.

A New life, A new begining


Live African animals

This site is from a natural waterhole in Nkorho Pan South Africa at the Nkorho Lodge. This cam is operated by lodge employees. You can see Lions, Elephants, Hyena's Leopards, Cheetah's, and many other african animals.

This is a reserve, so you may see Lions on a hunt. This is live 24/7.

Be advised, at times there may not be animals in view, a great time to check it out is usually between 12 noon and 8:30 PM. EST.



National Geographic Pete's Pond in Botswana

Pete's pond is live 24/7 now View all the African Animals you can think of, around 7:30 PM EST, heards of elephants will come to this place. Wait until you see the new baby elephants..Update 2008 a large pack of wild dogs was released within the area. This was amazing to watch as the elephants got rather excited when they were noticed.


Do you like Ghosts??

Old abandoned hospital

This is a wonderful site with many cams that you and your family can View, Can you see the little boy in the over all??

Go to the message board and view captures. Enter the chat that is child friendly to ask questions, as well as listen and interact with live investigations usually on weekends..


Old letters that we have found in a drop box


These are old letters that my Father In Law found in old safe deposit boxes, I did not edit these letters, I transcribed as I seen in he originals.