In 1979 some Mercedes were equipped with a key That looks like 2 keys sandwiched together.This is also known as Side winder or Laser cut key, These Keys are also on the Volvo, Lexus, BMW, Mazda Millennia, as well as Saab, and Honda.


$50.00 each

When you lose a key to to any of these Vehicles, it can be costly to the consumer. The prices for a lost key can range
from $350.00 to excess of $500.00. The 2000 Vehicles have now come  equipped with a transponder in the Key Head.With  
out computerize equipment from either a Certified Locksmith or your Dealer,  A duplicatekey will not start your vehicle.
At this time we can not generate transponder keys for the following vehicles.Volvo,Jaguar,Mercedes, or 
BMW. We can only duplicate the non transponder vehicles.
Please  see your Dealer.
We do have some of the transponder keys for certain models of Lexus. 
We will let you know if your vehicle is duplicatable.
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